Thursday, May 29, 2008

CF Great Strides Walk just 2 weeks away!

We had a planning meeting for the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Great Strides walk to be held on June 14th here in Dillon! We have already raised over $30,000 for CF and hope to raise lots more in the next two weeks! We have recruited lots of teachers, parents, and students to walk with us - below are only a portion of the teams that are formed - you can donate by clicking on any of their links....or sign up to walk with us by clicking on the JOIN MY TEAM button at the top of any page!

More information about the walk can be found on this BLOG POST and remember we are walking for our friend and neighbor Megan Andersen, a 3rd grader in Summit County. This SUMMIT DAILY NEWS ARTICLE has more information about Megan's story.

Kim Andersen's Team

Summit Cove Elementary Teachers

Summit Cove Elementary Fifth Graders

Summit Cove Elementary Fourth Graders

Summit Cove Elementary Third Graders

The Harsch Team - Remax

Beaton Photography

Land Title

Individual Walkers

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