Sunday, June 01, 2008

First Day in Yellowstone - It's a photographer's delight!

WOW what a an amazing first day at my wildlife photography workshop! And it's only half over with! We go out again for another shot at wildlife at dusk! But I would say, 4 grizzly bears, one black bear, two moose, lots of elk, deer, bison, birds, and a ton of other wildlife I can't even name is an AWESOME first day!

This momma grizzly bear and her cub were an amazing sight - as you can tell by the photos, we were all quite close to them - and eventually the pair crossed the road. I shot most of these with only an 18-200mm lens!

What an amazing week this will be! Now to learn some from some of the mistakes I made today and to learn how to handle this crazy 600mm Nikkor lens I rented! Could you imagine being even closer to these grizzlies?

The workshop is being led by Dale Franz of Franz Photo - and after only a half a day I would recommend him for ANYONE looking for a great wildlife photography workshop!


B Kirker said...

These are so great! The colors are beautiful. Yellowstone is my absolute favorite place. :o)

Renee Marquis said...

Hey Kay, I so want to go here some day. That and a trip to Mt. Rushmore and Grand Canyon as well. Looks like your getting some really great images. Have fun girl!

Joy Moody Photography said...

Yellowstone is my favorite place on earth. So awesome that you are there to see all the new life of the season. What a great workshop to take.

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