Monday, June 09, 2008

People Photos in Yellowstone

Since most of my Yellowstone photos were of the wildlife....I thought I would share a few favorite people photos! The rangers were fun to each "bear sighting" there were rangers that were part of the "bear management" program keeping the peace betweeen people and bears.....

One would have to have a sense of humor working all day long trying to keep tourists from approaching bears, leaving their cars in the middle of the road, or any other things us tourists tend to do around wildlife! And being in front of this line of big cameras all day would have it's challenges also! And every once in a while I got a feeling of being in Jellystone Park with Yogi the Bear and Boo Boo!

And heading out on a photo shoot with a bunch of photographer friends, how can there NOT be a lot of people photos? My buddies, Heidi Haas Williams and Barb Edeblute joined me on this workshop and we had some HUGE fun with these HUGE lenses!

Art was another participant in the class who has the patience of a saint, and a great attitude, with enthusiasm for photography that never ends! (Well maybe it ended at the wildflowers and scenic photos, but his enthusiasm for WILDLIFE photography is endless!) At the end of the 7 days, I had never heard him complain or even yawn once! Even when provoked!

Our fearless leader, Dale Franz, gets an A+ for a wonderful workshop and his endless energy.......even through long days, a bad cold, a car full of giggling women, and even one sick from the altitude! Dale has great skill in photography, willingness to share information, a great network of friends in the park that helped to locate the most interesting subjects, and he even knows a lot about Nikons although he's a Canon shooter! I would recommend this workshop to ANYONE! My friends and I rated this the best of all the workshops we've been on, and we've been on a LOT of photo workshops! So finding a workshop for next year will be very hard....we all want to return to Yellowstone with Dale!

Day 4 photos - Black Bear cubs and the Bear Papparazzi

First Day in the Park - Grizzly Bear and Cub

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