Monday, June 09, 2008

Silly Photographer Photos in Yellowstone

Sometimes when I'm together with a bunch of photographers, all I can come up with is silly photos....all of us out there in the rain, so excited to capture a wonderful image....but my brain must have been in the toilet a few of these days as all I could photograph is these funny photographers with their funny lenses!

What do you think these two are doing?

"That's a funny lens - is that Nikon or Canon that has that extension?"

"Sure isn't the way I learned to handle a big lens in Photo School!!"

How many big lenses can you fit in one vehicle?

On a rainy day, Heidi was bored and decided to look into her neighbor's ear with her big lens!!

"Which photographer would you hire? The one outside in the pouring rain, or the one shooting through the window of the car? Tough choice!"

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