Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Yellowstone Day 2 - Bears, Moose, and beautiful landscapes!

Wow what an experience to have a full week of photographing one of our country's most beautiful national parks! We are getting such a lesson in wildlife and nature at the same time getting a wildlife photography lesson from Dale Franz of Cody, Wyoming. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself!

I would like to write more, but we have been up at dawn & photographing until after sunset, so everyone is EXHAUSTED! But who wouldn't be exhausted carrying around these big lenses! This last photo is of my buddy Heidi Haas Williams in the car waiting for a rain shower to stop! Obviously the size of the lens is accentuated by my fisheye lens! Looks like today will be a rainday which might help give us some downtime! But I have learned that black bears are great to photograph in the rain....maybe we'll go back & visit Rosie & her cubs!

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