Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Yellowstone Day 4 - The Bear Papparazzi

Day 4 was a rainy day.....we had thought that maybe that would limit the photo opportunities, but we actually had an amazing day of shooting in the rain! And I learned that black bears are actually better photographed in the rain! And I learned a little about photographer "etiquette" along the papparazzi lines where there are cute little bear cubs like this in sight! I found myself as fascinated about the "activity" on our end of the cameras as I was about the bears!

We spent almost 3 hours with cameras set up in this rained on us, sleeted, hailed, but most photographers just stayed and put some rain protection on their cameras! What a riot!

This first bear and her two cubs (one brown and one black) is called Rosie - you can see she has red tags on her ears, and apparently the name came from those rose colored ears. The cubs are about 3 months old, and were just a hoot to photograph!

Oh yeah, and a couple grizzlies, moose cub.....just an average day here in Yellowstone!

Yellowstone Day 1
Yellowstone Day 2
Yellowstone Day 3

These last two photos are of my buddies, Heidi Haas Williams and Barb Edelblute. Sure is fun but we sure are out of our element! We'll see what tomorrow brings!


Stephanie Stremler said...

Those pictures are amazing! I'm jealous!! I sure love those little cubs interacting with each other!

Park City Talk said...

Nicely done!! I'll have to read more of your blog. I love the pics, makes me realize that I need some lessons on camera.
Love your new lens too! It looks like I could reach out and feed the cubs.

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