Saturday, June 07, 2008

Yellowstone Day 5

We are having the best time on this wildlife photography workshop. But up at dawn and out shooting until after dark can wear a person out! I had to "opt out" of the evening shoot & even a few of the daytime shoots to conserve my energy.

Carrying around a 15 pound camera/lens/tripod setup can really get old! Good thing I only rented this monster lens and didn't buy it! I guess I'm not suited for either wildlife photography or being part of the celebrity papparrazzi as they both require these monster lenses! But when I get home I'm going to look into buying a lighter smaller lens - the Nikkor 80 to 400mm VR lens. Only 2.9 pounds - ahhhhhhh.

But Yellowstone is full of photo opportunities no matter what camera and lens a person has - I did a lot of wide angle photos when needing to rest! And there are photo opportunities around every corner here!

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