Friday, August 29, 2008

Beautiful Silverthorne Colorado Home For Sale!

This beautiful South Forty home has great views of the Gore Range and a beautiful Silverthorne pond. The back deck gets beautiful afternoon sun and looks like where I would like to sit and watch the sunset.

To view the whole SLIDESHOW CLICK HERE!

The home is for sale through COWBOY REAL ESTATE. When I got the call, I knew the South Forty area, but was surprised when it was a home designed by architect Karen Smuland and one of my good friends. As I photographed, I kept thinking....I've been to some parties here!

Here are some of my favorite photos.....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

And the Winner Is....WADE!

Thanks for all the votes on the Birthday Bribe last week! The winner hands down was WADE....he improved a lot from his original photo:

And he had LOTS of supporters from all over the country that pushed him ahead in the polls at the last minute on Monday! The details of the contest are HERE!

Congratulations Wade!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Amazing what $5 can buy at a 9 year old birthday party! VOTE for your favorite photo!

Yes, I did it - I bribed the kids at my son, Tyler's, 9th birthday party yesterday with a $5 reward. Sorry parents, I know it's not a good habit, and they frown on it in the parenting books........but it WORKED! In a BIG way!

As the party started they were all acting wild and making faces for the camera! I got a lot of bad photos, and then my son climbed under the table to hide from the camera and the whole party seemed to be trying to join him in mutiny!

So I quickly remembered another photographer's trick of paying her teenager nephew to smile for the photos at a family Bar Mitzvah. So I offered a $5 reward for the best photos and BOY did I get the smiles and the charm after that!

And I said it would be the "people's vote" to chose between the 8 photos below! So vote and have your friends, your grandma, your aunt, anyone you want to vote on their favorite! All is fair in birthday party bribes and the last day to vote is the first day of school August 25th! One vote per person please! And we cannot accept anonymous votes.

You can view the whole BIRTHDAY PARTY SLIDESHOW here.

Photo #1 - Tyler the Birthday Boy!

Photo #2 - Brian

Photo #3 - Weston

Photo #4 - Sam

Photo #5 - Tio

Photo #6 - Wade

Photo #7 - Heather

Photo #8 - Marley

I also had to share the BEFORE photos of what I was getting BEFORE the reward system was implemented. AND, I even used it as leverage to behave at the bowling party and said if I had to discipline any of the boys at the bowling alley, they would not be eligible for the $5 reward. (Only one unnamed boy has been disqualified)

And I really have to thank fellow photographer Julie Ph, a fellow Pictage photographer for the suggestion!

And Baby Makes Four!

The Laverdiere family came into the studio for family portraits last week and I really enjoyed photographing them. The photos of mom, Dana, and her newborn son just make me cry. Those moments with a newborn baby are so precious! And as you can tell, baby is showered with love!

The whole SLIDESHOW can be viewed here.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We LOVE small Summit County weddings!

Shara and Aaron got married on July 10th with only five people in attendance at the ceremony! If you include the judge and myself, that would be seven people!

I love these kinds of weddings! Simple, beautiful, all about the love rather than the frills!

And aren't they beautiful??

And look at Shara's dad....hiding in the bushes with his videocamera! What a wonderful day! I could have kept shooting without pay! I also love what siblings do when you ask them to pose together.....Shara and her sister could have clowned around for hours!

Congratulations Shara and Aaron and thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day!

You can view the WHOLE SLIDESHOW here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Libby & Neal's Winter Park Wedding

Libby & Neal were married last month at the Sunspot - on top of the Winter Park Ski Area. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and the wedding was beautiful! There was a lot of silliness going on at the reception - including folks using their napkins as sunshades!

And I love to see a bride dancing and twirling and smiling like Libby was! (I guess the groom and the rest of the guests all look pretty happy themselves - especially some of the kiddos!) Congratulations Libby and Neal!

The whole SLIDESHOW can be viewed here.

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