Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last days to vote in Capture My Colorado Photo Contest

There's just a few more days to vote in the Capture My Colorado Photo Contest.....last votes on Monday September 29th to determine the final photos to be included in this book.

It's an interesting concept....a photo book of Colorado Images taken by individuals and the public shapes the book by voting on images!

Thanks to all who have already voted on images that I've of today, Sunday, September 21st, below are the top 5 images that I have online. You can vote for any of them by clicking on the titles!

#1 - Donovan - 88 votes (6 loves)

#2 - Oh No! - 83 votes (3 loves)

#3 - Cinnamon Mountain - 82votes (4 loves)

#4 - Fairytale Wedding - 82votes (4 loves)

Next in line:

Baby in Hat - 70 votes (2 loves)

Livvie - 68 votes (6 loves)

Happy Baby - 65 votes (3 loves)

Frosty Morning - 66 votes (11 loves)

And this final photo of the Marmot is not my photo, but my husbands, his only submittal to the contest...I think it's a winner too!

Kirk's Marmot here! ends Monday, September 29th.....

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Kathy Jo Pfeifer said...

Love Happy Baby - can't beat that!

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