Sunday, September 07, 2008

Capture My Colorado Contest - Beautiful Colorado Images - Please VOTE!

A friend informed me of this CAPTURE MY COLORADO contest going on this summer. Beautiful photos taken all over the state of Colorado and voted on by the public. I would love to get a few more VOTES on some of my images....

Here are my top five favorites:

VOTE for black & white little girl photo above

VOTE for baby feet and ring above

VOTE for baby in hat photo above

Vote for color baby photo above

VOTE for color baby photo above

Vote for scenic Crested Butte photo above

And watch out, once you start voting, it can be addicting....there are really some of the most beautiful Colorado photos on this website!


Frank DiMeo said...

Love the long eye lashes and blue eyes!

The water is so still in the reflection shot too.

Good luck with the contest! said...

I will go vote for you. :) Good luck

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