Saturday, September 06, 2008

Katie's Favorites at 18 months! Check out her new website!

Katie has her favorites....her favorites of everything! And at 18 months, she is so certain of what she wants (that's in a good way) that the family has started selling some of Katie's Favs!

Each item has been personally tested and proven by Miss Katie! And there's even a PARENTS FORUM on the website! Check it out!

When Katie came for her 18 month photos, it was the usual thing we've seen before in other portrait sessions...... Katie always starts out very very shy! I never think I will pry her out of Daddy's arms...but by the end of the session, only an hour later, she's performing and dancing and eating up the attention!

I could photograph Katie all day everyday and not get tired! I also think she has so many great facial expressions, her parents should publish a book of "Katie's expressions" - it would be hundreds of pages!

View the whole slideshow here!

And how about these beautiful eyes!


Beautiful Pink Bow....can be PURCHASED HERE.

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