Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rocky Mountain National Park in the Fall Sunshine!

I've just returned from 3 days in Estes Park for a yoga conference and got to spend some beautiful time in Rocky Mountain National Park. My return route was through the Park, and I had enough time to take the Old Fall River Road - an absolutely beautiful scenic route if you have time.

These first few images and the elk photo were taken along Old Fall River Road....but it is a single lane one way road windy mountain road with switchbacks. The speeds are usually 5 or 10 miles an hour so you need time to enjoy the scenery.

Another highlight of my trip was a stop in at my favorite mountain resort and spa, Gold Lake Mountain Resort. It is 5 miles down a dirt road outside of Ward, Colorado. There are rustic cabins, and an amazing restaurant. A private lake and spa services. This place is heaven on earth!


Lisa Stein said...

Great photos, looks like a yummy time!!!! I love going away with my camera!

Renee Marquis Photography said...

I would love to take a vacation and travel out that way.... Love your images, even though they make me really jealouse of you :)

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