Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Emily & Geoff's Wedding Photos Online!

Emily and Geoff's wedding at Arapahoe Basin was so much fun! The ceremony itself was blessed with both snowflakes and sunshine! Because both of them like to ski so much, the Basin was a perfect place to hold the wedding! We even shot their engagement photos on skiis last winter!

Both of them are happy, easy going people, and I just love all the smiles and happiness in each photo! It's infectious! (and that's not always the case with a couple of brainy engineers!)

View the WHOLE SLIDESHOW here - it's 5 minutes long! How could I cut out any of those beautiful photos??

And the scene where Geoff is going to jump into the arms of the bridesmaids is priceless....I love the first photo where Emily's face shows great concern....she knows he would do it! Even the ceremony had some really great laughs that made the day that much more fun! The snowflakes added a little fun too!

Congratulations Emily and Geoff & thanks so much for having me as a part of your special day!

Oh yes, and this last photo is Emily showing off her beautiful bruise for wedding day that she got at the shooting range the week before the wedding....(note to self....remind other beautiful brides NOT to go to the shooting range the week of their wedding!)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A sneak peek of Emily & Geoff's ABasin Wedding!

I am still busily editing photos from Emily & Geoff's wonderful wedding at Arapahoe Basin last month....but thought I would give everyone a sneak peak! more to follow this week!

Emily & Geoff's engagement photos were so fun at Keystone Nordic Center last March....and they are such an adorable couple....of course their wedding photos are amazing!

Sometimes it can be tedious to edit wedding photos....I have 600 proofs so far with Emily & Geoff's....but I really love every moment of editing, because this couple and their friends are so happy and so relaxed...it's FUN to do the editing! And I smile throughout! I guess photographing at one of the most beautiful places on earth helps that too!

Help us chose a headshot for an acting portfolio - please VOTE!

All you need to do is leave a comment below to vote....

A favorite SENIOR PORTRAIT this year, Alyssa, is going to submit some images to a talent agency for acting, and we would love some input from others, as the photographer and family are all too biased! Please help!











Monday, October 20, 2008

Alyssa's Amazing Headshots!

Alyssa needed some professional headshots for her acting portfolio and to submit to some agencies. We had done her Senior Portraits in September, so I knew she would be an excellent subject.

A local hair & makeup artist joined us in the studio for the photos, and I am AMAZED at what beautiful images came out at the end of the day! Alyssa is just magic in front of the camera....and Charity Merritt did an amazing job at the makeup, giving Alyssa several very different looks throughout the afternoon!

This was one of my most fun shoots for a long time! You can view the whole slideshow HERE!
And below are some of my favorites! But choosing favorites is VERY difficult as you can see!

Alyssa's Senior Portraits

We photographed Alyssa's Senior Portraits last month at Keystone Lodge along the Snake River. What a beautiful location! And Alyssa loves getting her photo taken, so she was a dream behind the camera & never got tired!

Click here to view the whole slideshow!

AND, I learned a good lesson in "listening to your subject's creative ideas!" Alyssa suggested that she could even lie in the grass, and I kept worrying about her clothes getting wet as it had frosted overnight & the grass was a little cold & wet still. So I said let's wait until the end so we don't mess up your clothes...and NOW my favorite photos of all are these first two of her in the grass! I am SO GLAD she suggested it & SO GLAD I didn't discourage her too much! Sometimes seniors know a lot more about this than us photographers! At least Alyssa does!

So I can't wait for my next session with Alyssa - headshots indoors in the studio for her acting portfolio!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Family Portraits - The Sander Family!

Ben and his parents came out for a little fall portrait session in the leaves. I love when toddlers just start to walk....every step is fun and exciting, and there is so much to explore....that's why parks are great places to go, especially when there's wide open grassy spaces to run in!

The river was a bigger challenge....we got some great shots of just mom & dad by the river's edge....but Ben was way too taken by the water & the noise & the possbilities there!

Click here to view the whole slideshow!

Oh to be a toddler again & explore the world for the first time!
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