Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Thoughts about Photography.

As the New Year approaches, I think about what worked well and what didn't work so well in the last calendar year. Since I've read The Secret in 2008, I won't concentrate on what didn't work but will spend lots of positive energy on what I want to attract in 2009! Below I have some thoughts and photos of what I would like to do more of in the coming year....

More Yoga!
I have finally found yoga and love what it does for me, mind, body & spirit. Last year I decided to be more mindful in 2008 and I was! I've learned a lot about the yoga sutras and realize how great yoga is for me!

More Yoga Photos!
I had the opportunity to photograph some beautiful fall images of two local yoga instructors and absolutely loved the process! I am amazed by their talent & the way these images make me feel!

More Newborn Photos!
I LOVE photographing newborns! They are so precious! I am taking a workshop from Sandy Puc of Expressions Photography in February and look forward to more and more of these sessions that ALWAYS make me cry!

Getting Published More Often
In 2008 I had a first, getting wedding images published in a local resort magazine, Winter Park Magazine. I also had several images in the Capture My Colorado book & DVD that came out in November. I will have more of my photos published in 2009!

Photograph Weddings at my favorite Colorado wedding venues
I have a couple favorite places that I like to go myself to relax and unwind and I think they are BEAUTIFUL locations to hold weddings. My number one choice is Gold Lake Resort outside Ward, Colorado. I WILL photograph a wedding there in 2009.

The next on my list is Mt Princeton Hot Springs outside Buena Vista. I don't have a photo of my own from there - but that will change in 2009!

Giving my talents to worthy non-profit causes.....
I already do quite a lot of non-profit work, but there are a couple of worthy causes that really capture my heartstrings and use my talent in a way that really means the world to me.

Flashes of Hope - this is an amazing non-profit that works in 27 or 28 cities around the country, coordinating volunteer photographers to capture beautiful little faces of kiddos with life-threatening illnesses. At least once a year I head to Children's Hospital in Denver to do these shoots & it really is an amazing inspiring and absolutely beautiful experience! I would recommend it to all photographers!

Domus Pacis - Domus Pacis (latin for House of Peace) is a new non-profit in Summit County Colorado which offers free vacation rentals to families suffering with illnesses like cancer. During 2008 I had the opportunity to photograph 6 or 7 families that were visiting with this organization, and each are beautiful and inspiring and really help me to stay focused and stay in the moment!

Less stuff
This year I will make a smaller footprint on the earth! And that starts with one very small thing is that I bought quite a lot of new camera equipment in 2008 - some were gifts to me and some I pursued myself. I don't plan to buy any new equipment in 2009! Yippee! And I will follow the lead of other green photographers that I love.

Have a very Happy New Year and take lots of photos!
- Kay

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