Saturday, September 27, 2008

Voting Ends Monday in Capture My Colorado Contest

The voting ends Monday September 29th for the CAPTURE MY COLORADO photo contest....if you haven't voted yet, please do!

You can vote for any of my top photos below by clicking on the titles! (you do have to log into the Capture My Colorado website to vote as they are counting the votes online & don't want duplicates!) And if you really LOVE a photo, after voting you can hit the back button and LOVE THIS PHOTO!

What I like about this whole contest is a book created by the public and formed by the public's vote!

#1 - Donovan - 122 votes (13 loves)

Fairytale Wedding - 92 votes (4 loves)

Cinnamon Mountain - 92 votes (5 loves)

Oh No! - 89 votes (3 loves)

Baby in Hat - 79 votes (4 loves)

Frosty Morning - 76 votes (13 loves)

Livvie - 72 votes (6 loves)

Happy Baby - 75 votes (6 loves)

Flower Girl Dancing - 70 votes (4 loves)

And this final photo of the Marmot is not my photo, but my husbands, his only submittal to the contest...I think it's a winner too!

Kirk's Marmot here! ends Monday, September 29th.....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rocky Mountain National Park in the Fall Sunshine!

I've just returned from 3 days in Estes Park for a yoga conference and got to spend some beautiful time in Rocky Mountain National Park. My return route was through the Park, and I had enough time to take the Old Fall River Road - an absolutely beautiful scenic route if you have time.

These first few images and the elk photo were taken along Old Fall River Road....but it is a single lane one way road windy mountain road with switchbacks. The speeds are usually 5 or 10 miles an hour so you need time to enjoy the scenery.

Another highlight of my trip was a stop in at my favorite mountain resort and spa, Gold Lake Mountain Resort. It is 5 miles down a dirt road outside of Ward, Colorado. There are rustic cabins, and an amazing restaurant. A private lake and spa services. This place is heaven on earth!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last days to vote in Capture My Colorado Photo Contest

There's just a few more days to vote in the Capture My Colorado Photo Contest.....last votes on Monday September 29th to determine the final photos to be included in this book.

It's an interesting concept....a photo book of Colorado Images taken by individuals and the public shapes the book by voting on images!

Thanks to all who have already voted on images that I've of today, Sunday, September 21st, below are the top 5 images that I have online. You can vote for any of them by clicking on the titles!

#1 - Donovan - 88 votes (6 loves)

#2 - Oh No! - 83 votes (3 loves)

#3 - Cinnamon Mountain - 82votes (4 loves)

#4 - Fairytale Wedding - 82votes (4 loves)

Next in line:

Baby in Hat - 70 votes (2 loves)

Livvie - 68 votes (6 loves)

Happy Baby - 65 votes (3 loves)

Frosty Morning - 66 votes (11 loves)

And this final photo of the Marmot is not my photo, but my husbands, his only submittal to the contest...I think it's a winner too!

Kirk's Marmot here! ends Monday, September 29th.....

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Capture My Colorado Contest - Beautiful Colorado Images - Please VOTE!

A friend informed me of this CAPTURE MY COLORADO contest going on this summer. Beautiful photos taken all over the state of Colorado and voted on by the public. I would love to get a few more VOTES on some of my images....

Here are my top five favorites:

VOTE for black & white little girl photo above

VOTE for baby feet and ring above

VOTE for baby in hat photo above

Vote for color baby photo above

VOTE for color baby photo above

Vote for scenic Crested Butte photo above

And watch out, once you start voting, it can be addicting....there are really some of the most beautiful Colorado photos on this website!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Katie's Favorites at 18 months! Check out her new website!

Katie has her favorites....her favorites of everything! And at 18 months, she is so certain of what she wants (that's in a good way) that the family has started selling some of Katie's Favs!

Each item has been personally tested and proven by Miss Katie! And there's even a PARENTS FORUM on the website! Check it out!

When Katie came for her 18 month photos, it was the usual thing we've seen before in other portrait sessions...... Katie always starts out very very shy! I never think I will pry her out of Daddy's arms...but by the end of the session, only an hour later, she's performing and dancing and eating up the attention!

I could photograph Katie all day everyday and not get tired! I also think she has so many great facial expressions, her parents should publish a book of "Katie's expressions" - it would be hundreds of pages!

View the whole slideshow here!

And how about these beautiful eyes!


Beautiful Pink Bow....can be PURCHASED HERE.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ashley and Kylie....beautiful childrens portraits!

This was the most fun childrens portrait session - outdoors at their grandma's house on a beautiful summer day. We actually had to cancel a day or two as it rained the 3or 4 days before! But boy am I glad we waited! Ashley is just an amazing little girl to photograph! She never gets tired of posing.....hopefully Kylie will grow into it & keep her tongue in as she gets older! But it was very fun! And isn't Ashley's red hair & blue eyes the most adorable!

You can view the FULL SLIDESHOW HERE!

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