Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Thoughts about Photography.

As the New Year approaches, I think about what worked well and what didn't work so well in the last calendar year. Since I've read The Secret in 2008, I won't concentrate on what didn't work but will spend lots of positive energy on what I want to attract in 2009! Below I have some thoughts and photos of what I would like to do more of in the coming year....

More Yoga!
I have finally found yoga and love what it does for me, mind, body & spirit. Last year I decided to be more mindful in 2008 and I was! I've learned a lot about the yoga sutras and realize how great yoga is for me!

More Yoga Photos!
I had the opportunity to photograph some beautiful fall images of two local yoga instructors and absolutely loved the process! I am amazed by their talent & the way these images make me feel!

More Newborn Photos!
I LOVE photographing newborns! They are so precious! I am taking a workshop from Sandy Puc of Expressions Photography in February and look forward to more and more of these sessions that ALWAYS make me cry!

Getting Published More Often
In 2008 I had a first, getting wedding images published in a local resort magazine, Winter Park Magazine. I also had several images in the Capture My Colorado book & DVD that came out in November. I will have more of my photos published in 2009!

Photograph Weddings at my favorite Colorado wedding venues
I have a couple favorite places that I like to go myself to relax and unwind and I think they are BEAUTIFUL locations to hold weddings. My number one choice is Gold Lake Resort outside Ward, Colorado. I WILL photograph a wedding there in 2009.

The next on my list is Mt Princeton Hot Springs outside Buena Vista. I don't have a photo of my own from there - but that will change in 2009!

Giving my talents to worthy non-profit causes.....
I already do quite a lot of non-profit work, but there are a couple of worthy causes that really capture my heartstrings and use my talent in a way that really means the world to me.

Flashes of Hope - this is an amazing non-profit that works in 27 or 28 cities around the country, coordinating volunteer photographers to capture beautiful little faces of kiddos with life-threatening illnesses. At least once a year I head to Children's Hospital in Denver to do these shoots & it really is an amazing inspiring and absolutely beautiful experience! I would recommend it to all photographers!

Domus Pacis - Domus Pacis (latin for House of Peace) is a new non-profit in Summit County Colorado which offers free vacation rentals to families suffering with illnesses like cancer. During 2008 I had the opportunity to photograph 6 or 7 families that were visiting with this organization, and each are beautiful and inspiring and really help me to stay focused and stay in the moment!

Less stuff
This year I will make a smaller footprint on the earth! And that starts with one very small thing is that I bought quite a lot of new camera equipment in 2008 - some were gifts to me and some I pursued myself. I don't plan to buy any new equipment in 2009! Yippee! And I will follow the lead of other green photographers that I love.

Have a very Happy New Year and take lots of photos!
- Kay

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winter Park Magazine Feature on Sunspot Wedding

I'm published! I've never had a wedding published in a magazine before, but this month the WINTER PARK MAGAZINE is out on racks with an article about Neal and Libby's June Wedding at the Sunspot! It was a beautiful day and so nice to photograph great people like these two!

The full slideshow and Blog Post can be viewed HERE. But my favorite photos are below.......

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Great Fundraiser at the Holidays!

I just have to share this fundraiser going on for a neighbor that I grew up with in Kalamazoo, Michigan. My neighbor, Danny Miller, has taken on this great fundraiser and as of today he's just $10 short of his $3,500 goal.

The amazing thing is that Danny carried these boulders from the beach in San Diego for 45 days straight in honor of his mom. It's hard to explain without looking at some of the photos! GREAT job Danny!

You can DONATE ONLINE at Danny's website!

Happy Holidays!

Thought I would say Happy Holidays with some favorite images from this Holiday Season! I love getting clients photos in holiday cards in the mail....especially some of these happy faces! But to start with is greetings from my own family with a photo of the kids. And Heather helped design the card at age 11! I love when they can start helping out in Photoshop!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Great Breckenridge Property to Photograph!

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph another great property for sale at the base of Breckenridge Ski Area! It couldn't be closer to the lift, as they sell lift tickets right in the basement of the building in a pretty residential neighborhood.

This unit is for sale at BlueSky Lodge and listed with Colorado West Real Estate.

A slideshow of the whole property can be VIEWED HERE!

I love the feeling of this unit, all the wood floors, and the way it's decorated. If I needed another home here, maybe I would buy it! Here are a few of my personal favorites:

I also photographed the building a year ago for the builder, TCD, and have some of those photos online HERE.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

It's not too late for holiday cards with STYLE!

This year I'm offering some new holiday card designs to all of my portrait & wedding clients.....they are photoshop templates that I purchased from an amazing photographer Heather Essian from Texas. She did the designs herself for her own clients but clearly she has the graphic design skill also!. Each can be designed and personalized quite quickly!

Just email or call if you would like me to try one with your family photos!

Here are a few that I'm working on myself.....









All of the designs that I have available are on Heather's Website.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Baby Portraits at Christmas for Elijah..........

Elijah came back to the studio this month for more baby portraits.....he was in for his 6 Month Portraits earlier this year and is cute as ever since he turned one!

We had lots of props and stimulation, including a set of balloons in the studio, his dog came in for portraits, and I love the ones where he's riding piggyback on the dog. And then the few with the dog alone with Santa and the reindeer antlers are precious! (that was during a moment that Elijiah was running off somewhere & the dog was the most willing subject at that moment!)

Click here for the full slideshow....

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