Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weddings at Gold Lake Resort

This is my absolutely favorite resort on earth and if I was to get married all over again I would hold it at this beautiful mountain retreat, Gold Lake Resort. (I would marry the same guy all over again, just in this location!) It is nestled in the mountains just outside of Ward, Colorado, 45 minutes from Boulder.

I used to describe the Resort's location as being 20 miles down a dirt road in the most beautiful secluded area....but since I have learned the dirt road is just 3 miles, it just is so relaxing to leave civilization and arrive at this resort! No cell phone service and no television which I love! It is located on about 100 acres with it's own private lake AND a wonderful full service spa! There are 19 beautiful and rustic cabins, and they have renovated them so beautifully keeping the mountain and rustic theme.

From the Gold Lake Website (www.goldlake.com) their mission is described as:

Our dream is to bridge heaven and earth by uplifting this beautiful and sacred place and allowing the great healing powers of the land to benefit many. We see Gold Lake as a shining light to all those who seek comfort, inspiration, relaxation and healing. We see Gold Lake contributing to a more prosperous earth by being a portal for wisdom, connection, learning and exploration for individuals and groups.

There is no greater gift than connecting with another human being. There is no greater forum for connecting with another human being than in natural splendor. We need time and places to reflect, learn, and to get to know each other and ourselves. Gold Lake is ready to offer the world a sacred and magical opportunity.

Gold Lake received an award some years ago as being the "Most Romantic Resort in Colorado." But I also find it a great place to take a personal spiritual journey - when I'm extremely overworked and really need a day or two off, I LOVE going here all by myself and having some hours of silence. The restaurant is absolutely amazing....great organic, sustainable food, in the most amazing environment.

And one of the interesting things that Gold Lake offers, is the ability to rent out the entire resort for weddings. It's called the "All Exclusive Gold Lake Package" and you can rent out the entire facility, 19 cabins, restaurant, and all the facilities for a night or two! Someday I am going to do the EXCLUSIVE Gold Lake Package....I just don't know when yet!

Gold Lake is not for everyone....you have to really like the outdoors, quiet, rustic cabins, and some time nestled in nature....but Gold Lake is definitely for me! If you want to stay connected with the rat race, you may want to stay in the city....but when I get away, I want to REALLY get away and this is my favorite place to do that!

Does anyone want to join me?

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