Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Julie & Ace's Ski Tip Lodge Wedding

Julie & Ace were married last fall at Keystone's Ski Tip Lodge. And finally, I have time to post all the photos on my blog!

Ski Tip Lodge is really one of my favorite venues....and a favorite place for a romantic dinner with my husband. But photographing there can be a challenge because the dining room is quite small, that I'm always in the way of the wait staff trying to serve the perfect dinner. And they serve only perfect dinners there!

It is a historic building, the Ski Tip Lodge is really charming. Keystone describes it as located in a quiet area of the resort, Ski Tip Lodge is a storybook place: quaint, cozy, innovative and reminiscent of a classic Swiss hotel. They have accomodations for 75 guests in winter and 125 in summer.

And Julie & Ace had an absolutely perfect day for their wedding!

Click here for the whole slideshow!

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