Saturday, April 25, 2009

Livin' the Dream - a Flashes of Hope story

I have had the pleasure to meet and get to know a brave little five year old, Justin Miller, who has neuroblastoma and is fighting it like a superhero! I have photographed his family, twice, through two different programs....first a year ago at Denver Children's Hospital through Flashes of Hope, and now this winter through a local Breckenridge Program, Domus Pacis. Flashes of Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing powerful, uplifting portraits of children fighting cancer and other life threatening illnesses. They have 30 branches around the country and rely on volunteer professional photographers.

Justin has certainly captured my heart, and I figure I was meant to join his support team. There is a benefit for him in Denver on Sunday April 26th, and this Channel 9 News story from yesterday gives the details. (click on the video link in the top right corner)

The fundraiser is this Sunday from 2 to 9 pm at Clement Park and is being organized as a senior project for Michael Spitzlberger of Bear Creek High School - another Coloradan who has met Justin and couldn't HELP but join his support team!

Justin is such a beautiful little spirit - you can see it just lookinig in his eyes! He tells his mom that he's "Livin' the dream." Learning to ski this year, meeting some of his favorite Avalanche players - his photo is even on the home page of the Colorado Avalanche website! If you click on the Children's Hospital link you'll see more of him!

He has spent several weeks in New York City this spring getting experimental cancer treatments and one of my favorite stories is that he had a night that he couldn't be near his family because his body was "radioactive" Justin had to stay in his own "isolation room" and his mom was next door, checking on him regularly. Here's what she said about it:
Justin LOVED the isolation room!!!! He spent most of the night jumping from bed to bed and listening to music and watching TV. Anytime I went to check on him, he told me to shut the door because he is in isolation!!! WOW!!!!

You can read all about Justin on his CaringBridge website or check out this SLIDESHOW of his family in Breckenridge!


tami said...

this is great kay, very inspiring!

chelophoto said...

Beautiful photos. Thank you letting everyone know about this organization.

Pure Emotions Photography said...

That first photo is so cute! I just love the personality and the sharpness of the photography. Great work! P.S. I did my own thing a lot at the Beckstead workshop but would definitely encourage anyone to go because everyone can learn something.

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