Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lake Clark National Park - Day 3

On Day 3 at the Alaska Homestead Lodge, we were having so much fun we decided to stay an extra day! Our hosts, Sheila and James Isaac have been so wonderful, their guide Scott has been so helpful, three wonderful home cooked meals a day, fresh bread at most meals....we are loving this place!

The kids and the bears are getting more comfortable with each other - Tyler is smiling on the swing as one of the brown bears passes by the lodge behind him. But we do always make sure there is an adult with the kids when they are outside! The hardest thing for me personally is to remember that if a bear ever approached you are NOT to run - every cell in my being tells me to run when a bear charges! But luckily we have not had any bears charging us and we've always had a trained guide at our side!

There are several other lodges in this national park, and the National Park Service website has more detailed information.

These last few photos are taken of a full grown male brown bear called a boar - they are a little different shape and coloring than some of the others, and you can tell they have some scars and have had a tough time. They are also about 900 pounds and I think they are a little ugly looking.....but when you are the top of the food chain, looks don't really matter I guess!

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Anonymous said...

Kay-absolutely amazing and exactly the kind of vaca we are looking for. Did you go through an adventure travel group? Let us know, the Curries

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