Sunday, June 28, 2009

Leaving Lake Clark National Park in Alaska

On Tuesday we had to say goodbye to this wonderful wilderness and our great hosts James and Sheila Issac at the Alaska Homestead Lodge. There's only two ways out - by boat or by plane and we took a Natron Air seven seater plane. The kids loved it - but this momma was a little nervous!

These planes land on the beach at low tide - they say it's a great landing strip - but it took us a little while to get used to!

This last photo is of Mount Redoubt - a volcano 30 miles from the lodge which has been active this summer! And we even experienced a 5.2 magnitude earthquake which we felt while there! It was centered much further north than us, but it was the first earthquake we've ever actually felt!

Bye James & Sheila, Scott, Simon & Emily - we'll see you again soon!

You can always tell Heather's opinions quite quickly these days (a preteen)! She loved it there and did NOT want to leave!

And I am usually happy to get home after a vacation, but this was different. I shed some tears leaving Lake Clark and the Homestead. The whole experience was one of the best four days in my life! It was an amazing experience! I have never seen Kirk so relaxed and happy!

But the recipe for "Kirk Happiness" could be dangerous. Or dangerously expensive! It took almost 3 weeks off work, two days of fishing in the Kenai River, and four days away from civilization and next to grizzlies to finally get the guy to relax & nap & enjoy life!

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shawnreeder said...

Looks like you had an amazing trip Kay!! Can't wait to see the photos from trip #2!!

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