Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Wandering Moose - Soldotna, Alaska

I love this place! All of Alaska, but also this great cabin in Soldotna, Alaska called A Wandering Moose! Where moose really do wander through the yard, and the salmon flow out the backdoor on the Kenai River like we have never seen before! Ahhhhh... sure love vacations!

And the owner of the lodge, Audrey, is a wonderful host and a great fisherwoman! She has caught enough in the last couple days that she's treating all the guests (16 of us?) to salmon dinner tonight!

Heather decided to fish with her dad right out the back door, but had no waders, just went in mudboots & rainpaints! Now she has found the supply in the shed by the river!

And Kirk is loving the Kenai River....although we have to avoid the upper section where they have what is termed "Combat Fishing" - shoulder to shoulder fishing to get these great salmon!

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