Sunday, August 30, 2009

Donovan and Eli Turn TWO!

Two year old birthday parties can be great fun or great stress, but two of my local friends decided to team up and have the birthdays together at Walter Byron Park two weeks ago! It was perfect - they borrowed a bounce house from a friend, bought the boys these great No. 2 T-shirts, and it was a great time for everyone! And the mess was all outside, not at anyone's house!

Both Donovan and Eli have been great portrait clients the last two years, but this party was really a great opportunity to catch everyone in action! As you can see.

View the full slideshow here....

Thanks for the opportunity to get so many fun candid shots!

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Cindy Schultz said...

these are sooooo cute kay! You are so gifted at capturing the greatest expressions and happy faces.

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