Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jennifer and Andy's Hudson Gardens Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing Jennifer & Andy's wedding last month at Hudson Gardens in Denver - a beautiful venue, a beautiful couple, but the weather was ANYTHING but beautiful! Downpour of rain, gray cloudy skies, few locations for group portraits. But it didn't dampen anyone's spirits and Jennifer smiled throughout even as her beautiful dress got wet and muddy!

Sometimes I think it's a good sign that your marriage starts out on a dreary rainy day.... you learn right up front that every day will not be sunshine and joy, but together you can help shelter each other from the rough spots. Seems like the Apache wedding blessing says something about that..... AND from the dancing photos, which there are HUNDREDS of, I don't think the rain dampened any of the guests' spirits either! Dancing photos are some of my favorites - and the tent actually makes some of these more interesting!

You can view the WHOLE SLIDESHOW here....

and a few of my favorites!

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B Kirker said...

Nice, Kay! Love that last one ;)

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