Saturday, October 10, 2009

Qi Gong on Vail Pass at Sunset....Amazing!

Local friend and Qi Gong instructor Chriss Cowan hired me to take some photos of her in her in late summer and we went to Vail Pass and took these amazing photos of Chriss in action! We could not have picked a better location or evening and now I'll have to get in to one of Chriss's classes!

And Chriss was featured in this Summit Daily News Article. She has a meditation CD which was produced with Leon Littlebird - another wonderful Summit County local.

To view the whole slideshow click here....

And a few of my favorites below. These photos make me happy! Maybe when it's dark and snowy this winter & Vail Pass is closed, I'll play this slideshow over & over again to remember the beauty up there mid summer!

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