Sunday, August 30, 2009

Donovan and Eli Turn TWO!

Two year old birthday parties can be great fun or great stress, but two of my local friends decided to team up and have the birthdays together at Walter Byron Park two weeks ago! It was perfect - they borrowed a bounce house from a friend, bought the boys these great No. 2 T-shirts, and it was a great time for everyone! And the mess was all outside, not at anyone's house!

Both Donovan and Eli have been great portrait clients the last two years, but this party was really a great opportunity to catch everyone in action! As you can see.

View the full slideshow here....

Thanks for the opportunity to get so many fun candid shots!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lili's Three Year Old Portraits at the Park

I'm learning to meet two and three year olds for portraits where they are most comfortable - at the park! There is just so much variety and stimulation, they never get bored! I used to recommend meeting somewhere else and ENDING at the park, but sometimes starting at the park is great, like this shoot with beautiful little Lili!

We met at the Frisco Marina Park, and got lots of photos on her favorite thing, the swings, but then I love as the rain came in, her mom had this great red raincoat, I had a purple umbrella in my car, and the flowers were really amazing! I love these kind of shoots!

Lili's slideshow online here.....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jennifer's Amazing Senior Portraits!

I met Jennifer at the Denver Botanic Gardens last week for her senior portraits & what a great location for photos! And what a great subject Jennifer is! Of course I'm a little biased because she is my neice!

View Jennifer's slideshow here....

Senior portraits are fun - especially when you can see how mature a teenager has gotten - sometimes I have to tell the mom, "you may not like all these photos because she looks a little older than she really is!" But isn't she beautiful! Thanks Jennifer - I'm really proud of you!

I love all the different looks teenagers can have in one shoot & especially like to have some fun! If it's not fun, why take photos?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Adorable Little Girls.... Meet Ashley and Kylie!

I have had the pleasure of photographing Ashley and Kaeily every summer for three years, although they live on the East Coast, they come to visit grandma often, and I'm the lucky photographer! These tutus were bought at
and Mom always brings some surprises for the photos! We really had a terrific time getting the photos.....

Full slideshow here......

Last year's portraits can be viewed at this link!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Lauren & Brian's Ski Tip Lodge Wedding July 11th 2009

Lauren & Brian were married at the Ski Tip Lodge on July 11th - one of my favorite romantic wedding venues!

A little rain in the afternoon (right at ceremony time) didn't dampen the fun and celebration - sometimes rain makes things even that much more romantic and memorable! And as you can see from the photos below - the sun came out after the ceremony and everyone enjoyed a little of Summit County's great outdoors!

What a fun couple! Their slideshow is online here!

I love it when couples just "go with the flow" when a downpour happens right before their wedding ceremony - it's a great signal that they are approaching life with a great attitude - there will be rain and sun in every day of life, and it's best to embrace it all!

Congratulations Lauren & Brian! May life bring you more sunshine than downpours, and if not, enjoy the downpours in a cozy place together!

I've noticed more & more how technology enters the wedding photography field - I have more & more photos of LCD screens in my proofs - and I love some of the interactions it brings! And LOVE that I can usually capture a photo of the event through another LCD screen!

Best of Alaska Photos Summer 2009

Whew! What a summer of amazing travel and vacations - mostly to Alaska - 3 full weeks in that beautiful state this summer! As I finalize all the photo editing, I thought I would share my very favorite photos of the Alaska trips. As a photographic summary....

This last one is a favorite - 9 year old Tyler swinging outside the lodge, and a grizzly meandering away from him in the background - neither one really oblivious of the other!

The photos from our June 2009 trip here....

And photos from our July 2009 trip here....

And our favorite place on earth is Lake Clark National Park which is 135 airmiles southwest of Alaska and an amazing wilderness where the best photos were taken!

Thanks to Sheila and James of Alaska Homestead Lodge for two wonderful stays there. And to Scott and Sage for being great guides and keeping us safe around the bears!

Thanks to Dale Franz for opening my eyes to this place and scheduling a photo workshop there. Thanks to David and Joanne at the Silver Salmon Lodge for letting me be a tag along participant on Dale's workshop when I was balancing family time and my time!

More information about Lake Clark can be found at these links:

National Park Service

What an amazing beautiful place to visit and we are feeling truly blessed to have spent time this summer in Alaska - we will be back soon!
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