Monday, November 30, 2009

ABasin Fundaiser Friday Dec 4th for Cystic Fibrosis

This Friday Dec 4th will be the First Annual Bash at the Basin - a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis. Join us from 6pm to 10pm for an Italian dinner and live music by Rojo Calientes. A live auction will include new skiis, ski and freeskiing lessons, and many other items.

Tickets are $20 per adult and $10 for students under 14 - checks can be written to the CF Foundation.

Some special guests include:

Jossi and Byron Wells -Extreme X-games Freeskiing Champions from New Zealand. You can read more about the Wells Brothers here.... or view their video here..... Jossi and Byron are each donating 2 1/2 hour freeskiing lessons at Keystone's terrain park.

Jake Fiala - former Olympic skier and Summit County local donating a half day lesson. Read Jake's bio here.....

Live music by Rojos Calientes... a local "Latin Bluegrass" band....

please come, bring your friends, and help us find a cure for CF!

photo copyright www.freeskier.comphoto copyright

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More about Rojos Calientes....

They call their music “Latin Grass.” It's a mixture of bluegrass, Latin flavor and Spanish lyrics. The quick beats and ever-evolving rhythms are also influenced by everything from rock and jazz, swing and folk, Americana, flamenco, gypsy jazz and classical music. A Summit Daily News article explains more.....

for more information about the event, call organizers:

Julie Charneskie at 970-389-0306
Beth Walters at 970-409-9401
or Cathe Sander at 970-333-9014

more information about Cystic Fibrosis is online at and our favorite local CF patient Megan will be there too!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Josie is 2 and ADORABLE!

I was able to photograph Josie twice this month - for family portraits AND at preschool photos. What a beautiful little two year old. Sometimes rambunctious - but aren't most two year olds rambunctious? And don't we all love that? I tend to say that two year olds aren't able to stay in the studio where us adults all want them in photos, so at some point during the shoot, I take my flash and just follow the two year old around my house, hoping for some amazing shots on THEIR terms!

Her full slideshow here....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Little Kids with BIG personality - here comes KATIE!

Over the years, I have a lot of favorite subjects, and first in line are my own two children, Heather & Tyler. But little Katie has been coming to have her portraits done 3 or 4 times a year for the last three years, and she is next in line as my favorite subject! Personality to last all day.... opinions, faces, expressions, and just pure beauty!

And what has always been interesting about Katie's little personality is that she starts out very very shy.... and moves in slowly.... but when she decides that she's willing to enjoy being a little model - she does it BIG! with the BIGGEST personality. Someday I'm going to do a Mood or Expressions calendar.... with each mood and Katie's little face demonstrating that mood!

some images of Miss Katie in the past years at this link.....

and her ALMOST 3 slideshow here.....

and my personal favorites below:

Friday, November 13, 2009

Keeping the Artist Alive........

After spending four days in New Orleans last week for the Pictage Partnercon, I am still motivated, inspired, and glowing from spending time with 500 other professional photographers in the beautiful city of New Orleans. I have been to dozens of photographer conferences and workshops, but there was something magical that happened this time.....

Maybe it was the City of New Orleans?
This amazing musical, artistic, soulful city that has faced horrific natural disaster, economic decline, but is rebuilding stronger and more beautifully than before! What an inspiration!

Maybe it was the people of New Orleans?
The people of New Orleans opened their arms, shared their stories and were more open to being photographed than most I've encountered! When our bus toured through the 9th Ward - worst hit by Katrina, the people sat on their porches, waved, and welcomed us photographers in to see and hear their stories. Most adults will run when a swarm of other adults holding cameras comes their way!

Maybe it was Will Jacks' workshop on Am I an Artist? or the Lady Bug Video?

This was the first time that I heard Will Jacks speak and it was amazing.... so many rounds of applause for something amazing, humorous, and inspiring to the artist in each of us. One of the greatest things I saw was the Lady Bug Video - created by a videographer right here in Colorado in basically his backyard. The message that art is right under our noses if we take the time to embrace it!

5D and EX1 Lady Bug Swarm from Michael Ramsey on Vimeo.

Maybe it was Kevin Kubota's workshop on Lightroom?
He shared this great book that I have to buy called Finding Flow - finding those moments where you are in that creative place where you totally lose track of time... ahhhhhhh.

ShootQ has been helping me to organize my business and stay behind the camera where I love to be and not behind the computer all day! LOVE this video:
The Photographer's Journey

And the sharing between photographers that has taken place since last week's conference is really amazing.... a favorite photo I saw taken by Betsy McCue from San Diego. I LOVE this photo! The subjects are all photographers... all got together at the conference and got CREATIVE! I love this! Sometimes when we get paid to be artists, we lose some of the creativity!

So now I'm on a mission to be in my Artist's company more regularly - How can we photographers stay creative, open, inspired, and at the top of our game? Some ideas:

Artist's Dates - as described in the book, The Artist's Way - schedule a time each week that you connect with the Artist inside of you! Put it on your calendar!

More personal work - rather than paid work. I neeed more time for my personal photography work! That's how I got into this field!

365 Day Photos Project
I have seen several photographers take on this project - a photo a day for 365 days to break you out of your shell - or whatever goal you apply to the 365 day project! Some GREAT creative results..... check out a couple:

Tasra Dawson - her post from time in New Orleans is wonderful!

Brian Palmer
- Ohio - I LOVE this photo! He's only on day 56, but talk about changing perspective! (this photo was taken of himself from the inside of his dryer! Amazing!)

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Pictage Partnercon 2009 - a photo conference in New Orleans

Just returning from four beautiful days in New Orleans, Louisiana - a state I had never visited before! The Pictage Partnercon 2009 was the reason I went - convening with 500 other Pictage photographers to share ideas, inspiration, techniques. And I am so glad I was there! Some highlights of the trip:

Joining Chris Williams, a New Orleans photographer, on a photo tour of the 9th ward, the section of New Orleans worst hit by Hurricane Katrina. Emotional, and powerful, and makes me want to join the REBIRTH cheering section for those moving back into the 9th ward and rebuilding their community!

Other highlights include workshops of Jules Bianchi, a California wedding photographer who has LOTS of energy and inspiration for all of us! The last photo here is a photo as part of an assignment issued in Kevin Kubota's workshop, called The Laying Down photo.... hard to explain the details here... but maybe you'll get the idea if you visit Kevin's Blog!

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