Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Children's Portraits - Eyelash shots!

I love taking children's photos - babies, toddlers, and kids of all ages. In the last year or so, I have found myself getting this shot of almost every child I photograph!

Initially it started because we always have toys to interest kids, so they are ALWAYS looking down. Rather than spend more time trying to coerce them into looking at the camera, I have started to enjoy this time - maybe a pause in the action, when they are happy and engaged, and I start focusing on those eyelashes! Maybe this will become the Beaton Photography Signature Shot? Here are a few recent "eyelash" shots!

Breckenridge Baby Photographer

Colorado Children's Photographer
Baby Eyelashes

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mountain Home for Sale in Bakersville, Colorado

This unique mountain home is for sale through Maggie Hillman at Metro Brokers in Frisco, Colorado. (970)668-3885

It's a creative beautiful 4,000 sq foot home in the secluded area of Bakersville (4 miles from Silver Plume and just 10 miles from Loveland Ski Area)

The Bakersville area is home to the trailhead to climb 14ers Grays and Torreys. This 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom home has two kitchens, and a big wetbar, and is located right on Clear Creek. I think it would be a perfect second home or maybe a bed and breakfast. I would buy it if I could (and if I didn't already own a mountain house!)

The full slideshow is here.....

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Mason's First Christmas!

Mason was almost 3 months when we took these portraits of Baby's First Christmas. His older brother Donovan is now 2 1/2 and has been charming the camera for most of those years! Looks like his little brother Mason is going to continue in his footsteps! And the EYELASHES! Amazing!

Their full slideshow can be viewed here.....

and a few photographers favorites:

Baby's First Christmas
Baby's First Christmas
Colorado Children's Photographer

Keystone Children Photographer
Breckenridge Baby Photographer
Colorado Children's Photographer
Children's Christmas Photos

Happy New Year and welcome 2010!

As we usher in a new year, and folks around me are making new years resolutions, I have promised myself a very simple and easy to follow idea. In 2010 I want to leave a smaller footprint on this earth. To need less, to buy less, to use less, to be more environmentally conscious.

footprints in the sand
I took this photo of my own footprint in the sand in Naples, Florida last week as I tried to dream up what this would look like for me.

At home, it can be accomplished more easily.... watching what I buy and what I use - making the best environmental decision at every fork in the road.

But on vacation, it can be more difficult, and even selecting a vacation should include the environmental costs as well as the economic costs. Sometimes, like most of us, I tend to throw out some of my values on vacation week!

As a photographer, being green can be a challenge. There are a number of professional photographers who have taken on a "green label," and are trying to do things right. Last year I added the first "environmentally friendly" packages to my weddings. But what more can I do?

Areas needing more work:

Proof Books & Prints
Printing photos uses some harsh chemicals. And proof books can use a lot of resources too - but I want clients to have hard copies in their hands and displayed at their homes... so how to green them?

Printer Cartridges
My Epson 2400 printer cartridges are NOT recyclable! I thought they were and have been religiously saving them and delivering them to outlets for 4 years since I bought this printer - last year I learned that I was wasting my time!

Looking back, we are pleased to be doing the following in our efforts at Beaton Photography:

No hard copy proofs - everything can be offered as a "Green Package" - all digital images and online proofing only.

Environmentally Friendly Wedding Albums White Glove Albums are the only album that I know to date that advertises "Eco-friendly" wedding albums - but I will continue looking for vendors.

And we're continuing to follow the lead of a number of great photographers who lead the way in greening this industry:

Grazier Photography - Boston

Anne Ruthman - Boston area

Fun Photo Guys - California

All vacations must end - saying Goodbye to the Naples Beach!

When we left Naples (Florida) two days ago, I took my camera out and was trying to document a few of the things that are so memorable from vacation - and things that are common in Florida and not so common here in the mountains of Colorado. And I knew we were moving from a week of temperatures in the 70s to temperatures in the single digits, so I was trying to soak it all in.

The full vacation slideshow here....

naples ritzcarleton
naples florida beach
sunset at Naples Florida
Naples Florida Activites
Naples Florida Beaches
Naples Sunset
Naples Florida Beach Sunset
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