Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Year and welcome 2010!

As we usher in a new year, and folks around me are making new years resolutions, I have promised myself a very simple and easy to follow idea. In 2010 I want to leave a smaller footprint on this earth. To need less, to buy less, to use less, to be more environmentally conscious.

footprints in the sand
I took this photo of my own footprint in the sand in Naples, Florida last week as I tried to dream up what this would look like for me.

At home, it can be accomplished more easily.... watching what I buy and what I use - making the best environmental decision at every fork in the road.

But on vacation, it can be more difficult, and even selecting a vacation should include the environmental costs as well as the economic costs. Sometimes, like most of us, I tend to throw out some of my values on vacation week!

As a photographer, being green can be a challenge. There are a number of professional photographers who have taken on a "green label," and are trying to do things right. Last year I added the first "environmentally friendly" packages to my weddings. But what more can I do?

Areas needing more work:

Proof Books & Prints
Printing photos uses some harsh chemicals. And proof books can use a lot of resources too - but I want clients to have hard copies in their hands and displayed at their homes... so how to green them?

Printer Cartridges
My Epson 2400 printer cartridges are NOT recyclable! I thought they were and have been religiously saving them and delivering them to outlets for 4 years since I bought this printer - last year I learned that I was wasting my time!

Looking back, we are pleased to be doing the following in our efforts at Beaton Photography:

No hard copy proofs - everything can be offered as a "Green Package" - all digital images and online proofing only.

Environmentally Friendly Wedding Albums White Glove Albums are the only album that I know to date that advertises "Eco-friendly" wedding albums - but I will continue looking for vendors.

And we're continuing to follow the lead of a number of great photographers who lead the way in greening this industry:

Grazier Photography - Boston

Anne Ruthman - Boston area

Fun Photo Guys - California

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