Friday, March 26, 2010

Found some missing Alaska photos! Yippee!

Kirk had an extra compact flash hiding somewhere? In his camera bag? But we JUST found all these great images from our trip to Alaska last summer and the bears at Lake Clark National Park.

alaska wildlife photos
alaska grizzly bears
homestead lodge alaska
lake clark national park

And this day was really special - from our SECOND trip to Alaska in June 2009. We had some extra time (while the kids were at camp at Keystone Science School, and this afternoon we hung out with this mother and 3 cubs. At one point, they all took a nap in the grass, and we did also! Luckily as part of the Homestead Lodge plan, our guide Scott was looking out for us while we napped!

Scott said that we got more viewing opportunities than other guests because we had time and were willing to hang out (nap) in the field. This first photo is of our guide Scott and his wife, Sage, and you can see the first two photos have us viewers, photographers, with the bears in the background.

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