Monday, June 14, 2010

What a Surprise Party at Keystone - Kim turns 40!

My buddy Kim turned 40 this week and Tracey and Dave were able to pull off this AMAZING surprise party at the Inn at Keystone. Complete with karaoke and all kinds of decorations and dress up clothes....

Full slideshow online...

And all 200 plus photos can be viewed at Photoworks.

Keystone Photographer

Keystone Colorado Photographer

The Inn at Keystone

Keystone Birthday Party

Keystone Surprise Party

Keystone Colorado Photographer

Keystone Karaoke

Keystone Colorado Karaoke

Keystone Photographer

It doesn't look like we were having any fun does it? And these last two photos of my husband Kirk & I make the kids say, "we are SO GLAD we weren't there! Were you really singing AND dancing? Oh so embarassing!" Yes, Kirk did a solo on karaoke all by himself - with the blonde wig!

Keystone 40th Birthday Party

Keystone Photographer

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