Thursday, July 08, 2010

Nature Photography Inspired by John Fielder

Yesterday we attended a nature photography workshop put on here in Summit County by Colorado photographer John Fielder. It was a really unique opportunity... a small group at John's Silverthorne home... and all as a fundraiser for Domus Pacis.

I have always been impressed with John's photography, and own several of his books. But in recent years really appreciate his dedication to preserving Colorado's wild places, and using photography to help environmental causes and preservation of our Colorado landscapes. And sharing his talents and time for this type of local Summit County non-profit is just another fine example! THANK YOU JOHN!

I'm putting together a slideshow of the day from all of the participants... if they email me their favorite 5 or 10 photos... and hope to have that soon. Some of my favorite photos of the day....

Silverthorne Photo Workshop

Nature Photo Workshop

Nature Photography

John Fielder Workshop

Fielder Nature Photography Workshops

Silverthorne Photo Workshop

Silverthorne Photographer

Silverthorne Photographer

And as a last minute surprise - this deer popped out of the woods as I drove home when it was almost dark.... luckily I had a long lens and a whole new pocket of knowledge!


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