Thursday, September 09, 2010

A morning at the park with 3 year old Katie!

Katie is 3 and a half and FULL of energy! We went to Walter Byron Park in Frisco to take photos and had a little trouble getting her to sit still! But that's pretty typical of 3 year olds at parks! But I think these photos really capture her in action.... happy, sad, curious, all of those emotions that she wears so proudly!

Katie's slideshow here...

Previous photos of Katie who has been getting portraits taken with me since she was 6 months old!

Katie is really a pleasure to photograph!

Frisco Childrens Portraits

Frisco Childrens Portraits at the Park

Frisco Childrens Portraits at the Park

Katie's Faces

Katie's Portraits

Frisco Childrens Portraits


1 comment:

Cindy Schultz said...

she's a living doll! and I love the lifestyle feel to your images. Frisco is such a lovely area.

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