Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Photographers - please join us for this great project Hugs from Henry!

I just learned about this project yesterday and signed up to help with Hugs from Henry. Photographer Faith Raider in Georgia is starting it as a fundraiser to help with medical costs for a Colorado family.

Lucas is a toddler who has Down's Syndrome and seems to be surrounded by photographers (maybe that's because he's so darn cute??). While on vacation recently he had to be hospitalized with croup and pneumonia - his mom Erin's whole story is on her blog.

Anyway... Faith is rallying a group of photographers in the US and around the world to create a photobook called Hugs from Henry! Henry is Lucas's adorable sock doll from Etsy - a one of a kind doll.

So PLEASE JOIN US! Just email Faith at with this info:
Your name
Your general location (i.e. Breckenridge, CO - USA)
Your camera type and primary lens(es)
A link to your photography blog/website/flickr

here are some photos of Lucas AND Henry!

Hugs from Henry Love Lucas
@ 2010 Erin Galindo

Hugs from Henry
@ 2010 Erin Galindo

Hugs from Henry
@ 2010 Erin Galindo

you can also like the Hugs from Henry Facebook Page! and get updates there as well as on Faith's Blog.


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Faith said...

Awesome! Thank you so much for spreading the word :)

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