Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beautiful Sedona Arizona and other warm southern spots...... ahhhhhh!

We just returned from a beautiful week in the Southwest - driving from home in Dillon, Colorado through Ouray, Durango, Mesa Verde, Sedona, the Grand Canyon, and back through Moab, Utah. A lot of miles, but what beautiful country we saw in just 9 days. I want to go back!

It's hard to believe that after living in Colorado for almost 20 years, I have NEVER stepped foot in Arizona! And the Grand Canyon definitely is as amazing as folks say - what beautiful country. We stayed a night right on the South Rim at the Grand Canyon, and REALLY enjoyed the experience!

Some of these last photos are from the Pink Jeep Tour - listed as the #1 attraction in Sedona - yes the jeeps are pink, but the ride and the places we got to on that ride were AMAZING!

Jun's 15 month portraits - an adorable toddler!

Jun came into the studio last month with his parents and grandma and he was adorable! I love when parents bring props that they know children will love and play with – like Jun’s Halloween costume, his tricycle, and some music favorites.

View Jun’s slideshow

And he never cried – a whole hour of photographing a 15 month old and no tears! I love sessions like this!




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