Sunday, January 02, 2011

Photos of the Year 2010

I was inspired by some other professional photographers at Pictage who posted some of their favorite photos of last year. So I dug through some hundreds of thousand raw photos, hundreds of shoots, lots of babies, weddings, and commercial work, and picked out 60 or so favorites of 2010.

My favorite photos are often much different than than the favorites of my clients and for different reasons, but it's a great exercise to try selecting favorites of the year!

My 2010 Photos of the year slideshow!

Favorite Baby Photo - Mason 6 months

Breckenridge Baby Photographer

Favorite Toddler Photo - Will age 2

Breckenridge Children Photographer

Favorite Wedding Photo - Frisco Wedding Shanna & Glen

Breckenridge Wedding Photographer

Favorite non-profit photo - Flashes of Hope

Breckenridge Photographer

Favorite Tubbs Romp to Stomp photo - Charlotte Geary took this one!

Breckenridge Photographer copyright Charlotte Geary

Favorite Real Estate Photo - Kelly Lloyd Real Estate

Breckenridge Architectural Photography

Favorite Action Photo - Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park

Breckenridge Photographer

Favorite Beach Photo

Naples Beach Photo

Favorite Winter Evening Shot - Keystone Back Ranch

Keystone Weddings



Beth Baugher said...

Wow, what a great year you had. some realllllllly stunning photos ! you do great work.

kim ramey said...

Awesome photos as usual!

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