Sunday, April 24, 2011

Summit County Wedding Photographer - Spring Flower Fever!

I LOVE crocuses! Why? Let me count the ways! Maybe that they are such a sign of spring, and spring NEVER comes soon enough here in Summit County, Colorado at 9,200 feet! It's Easter Sunday and my crocuses in the yard are still under a 3 foot tall snowdrift! And it's snowing now we have 5 inches in the forecast for tonight!

But also the contrast between the green leaves, the purple petals and the bright yellow & orange stamen make for such GREAT photos! Making purple crocuses a favorite of mine - yellow just don't compare - although I've tried! About 10 years ago, when I was still shooting in film, I forced crocus bulbs indoors and photographed them in the middle of the winter... usually the biggest blizzard conditions brought out my photographing frenzy!

This year, my frenzy has come later in the spring... buying potted crocuses in Denver and watching them grow and photographing them along the way. Somedays I put them out in the snow and taken them with snow on and around them. Slightly obsessed, YES, but it's helping my spring fever!

This first photo is my favorite from 10 years ago - using Fuji slide film. (I can't find the original slide and this copy has been oversharpened over the years!) Now that I'm shooting digitally, I get results and satisfaction even faster!

purple crocus

spring crocus

spring flowers

spring crocus spring fever

spring flowers

spring flowers

spring tulips

spring daffodils

spring rose petals

maybe I should retitle this blog post "Confessions of a photographer with cabin fever?"


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