Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Colorado Childrens Photographer - Katie's Painting Portraits!

Katie turned four this year and is not as big on sitting still and posing for pictures as she has over the years! I've been taking her portraits since she was 6 months old! So when her mom asked if I had any creative ideas, I explained this one that I've been dreaming of for YEARS but never had the courage to undertake! A PAINTING Portrait!

We did this at Katie's house so she could get right into the bathtub afterwards.... and the using water soluble non-toxic paint was a plus! And we intended to set up outside, but it was 44 degrees when I arrived, and we decided to move things indoors! Luckily Mom is easy going and open to these ideas! We did get one handprint on the wall and one on the door that washed away immediately!

Katie's slideshow online here and a few of my favorites of the day:

Katie's Painting Portraits

Painting Portraits

Childrens Painting Portraits

Katies Favs

Katies Favs

Painting Kids Portraits

Painting Childrens Portraits

Breckenridge Childrens Portraits

Colorado Childrens Portraits

Childrens Portraits


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