Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summit County Photographer - My Week as a Summit Daily News Photographer

Last week I filled in at the Summit Daily News when their regular photographer, Mark Fox, was on vacation. I got my start in photographer right there as an intern for our local newspaper over 10 years ago - so it was fun to be back in those shoes again.

I remembered some of the lessons I had learned (and forgotten) years ago:

1. When you say you're with the paper, children run towards you and BEG to get their photo taken, and adults run away and hide!

2. Somedays in a small town, there really isn't much newsworthy to photograph. It pushes your creativity to find images worth publishing.

Here were a few of my favorites from the week...

Summit County Photographer

Summit Daily News Photographer

Summit County Photographer

And then there are always photos that you take, but there's not room in the newspaper for them - LOVED these photos!

Summit Cove Elementary


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