Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summit County Photographer - Please Vote for Snowboarding Bride Andrea!

I've entered a photography contest through which has folks vote on their favorite photos. There are a number of different categories, but since Andrea & Jeff's Snowboarding Photo is my favorite this year, I have only entered this one in the contest! Voting between now and June 30th, the winner in the wedding category wins $800! I'm still learning some of the details but would LOVE to get some votes. I just signed in on my Facebook account. Link to vote is here:

We're honored to be among some of the amazing photographers leading this competition! And this is the image from Andrea & Jeff's Copper Mountain Wedding on April 8th 2011:

Snowboard Bride and Groom


Jamie Weiss said...

I already voted it for it before I even saw your post! This is an awesome image!!!!!!

Beaton Photography said...

Thanks so much Jamie! I really appreciate your vote! And it means a lot coming from a GREAT photographer!

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