Friday, September 02, 2011

Breckenridge Wedding Photographer - Noelle and Michael Engagement Photos

Noelle and Michael are getting married TOMORROW so I've been thinking about them all week & looking forward to their Breckenridge Peak 8 wedding! We did their engagement photos near their home in Denver so we could include the dogs, their new home, and some of Denver's City Park where they spend a lot of time. Unfortunately it was in July during the monsoon season, so we had some rain, but they were troopers!

Their full slideshow is online at this link.

And a few of my favorites:

Breckenridge Wedding Photographer

Breckenridge Engagement Photos

Breckenridge Wedding Photographer

Breckenridge Engagement Photos

Breckenridge Photographer

Breckenridge Photographer

Breckenridge Photographer

Breckenridge Photographer

Breckenridge Photographer
These last two photos are very sad. Noelle and Michael have two beautiful dogs, Brutis and Vera. Brutis was 12 years old when we did this shoot in July and he passed away just weeks after the shoot. Noelle and Brutis have been best chums for all these years, and as you can see Brutis has a BIG personality and a big presence! Wishing you the best tomorrow Noelle and Michael!

Denver Engagement Session

Denver Engagement Session with dogs

I know you'll be there in spirit tomorrow Brutis... you will be missed!



Small Miracles Photography said...

How great that you got to get shots of the doggies. They are such an important part of our lives. Always sad when they pass away, but they will always have these great photos and memories.

The photos are beautiful and really show a lot of love between the couple. Looks like you guys had a fun time shooting!

Best of luck to the couple on their special day.

Rachel Scott said...

Kay, you worked wonderfully with the rain! The pictures are fantastic! And I'm so happy for this couple that they were able have a few of those happy moments with their dogs captured. What great photos.

Deke Cloyd said...

Love the photos Kay. And what a story . . . !!! I am a firm believer in "Good things come to those who endure and wait patiently." These two have been through the ringer. I am praying for them and hope that time will heal as it always does. And yes . . . since I am a huge dog person (one of mine is right here beside me), I am very sad to hear of their loss.

Be well . . .

Keri Kay said...

Great job on these photos, Kay! And what a beautiful bride-to-be. I love the happiness you captured. I loooove the puddle shots and I really love Denver. (It's my favorite city). I'm so glad you were able to get those great shots with their precious pets... they will treasure them forever. I wish this couple nothing but the best on their wedding day tomorrow.

Aliy said...

Beautiful and vibrant couple! What a handsome dog, I'm sure hes missed but well taken care where he is now. :)

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