Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Remember to stop and smell the fall colors!

Today I was given a message to stop and smell the roses (or take in fall's beauty with all my senses!) After several weeks of intense work and not many days off(senior portraits, family portraits, 4 weddings in September), I'm looking forward to taking this Saturday off to celebrate my birthday!

This morning I received an email from a friend who said it's so beautiful out, I wish we could go take a walk! But both of us were working to hard to go out & enjoy the fall colors. And I emailed back "If I have another photo to edit, I think I'll PUKE!"

Well low & behold I came across these two fisherman on Lake Dillon on my way to the office... and could NOT resist them. We all need moments of peace and beauty like this! Thanks Michele for getting me off my computer! And I'll think all day about why I was meant to photograph those two fisherman!


Lake Dillon Fisherman

Lake Dillon Fall

Lake Dillon Fisherman

Lake Dillon Fall Morning

Lake Dillon Fall Morning


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