Friday, May 03, 2013

Colorado Children's Photos - May Day in Colorado!

What a week of children's photos. I spent two mornings at Lake Dillon Preschool in Dillon doing class and individual photos and then this morning at Alexander Dawson School in Lafayette doing photos for Grandparents Day. All of them really warmed my heart! Although I don't think I have the patience to be a teacher, I do like my occasional school photo day! May Day in Dillon was a snowy one - and I got a few candid photos on the playground - what a crowd - one person said I was being "chased by cherubs!" Thanks for making me smile kiddos!

boulder childrens portraits

boulder childrens portraits

boulder childrens portraits

boulder childrens portraits

lafayette childrens portraits

lafayette childrens portraits

boulder childrens artwork

and this last photo was just taken of a kindergarten art project on the wall at Dawson School - I thought it was so expressive and wonderfully done. Officially I'm probably breaking copyright laws taking a photo of this student's artwork, but I hope his parents will understand! This image just makes me smile!

and isn't there some similarity between the kids on stage singing and the stick people drawn? or did I just get giddy?



Elaine Hansen said...

Great images of the kids.

Kids take the best photos - they are so uninhibited. Love their freedom of expression.

It comes shining through in your photos.

Thanks for sharing.

Pascale said...

so sweet. nothing better in the world than a kid's smile. Nicely captured.

Karen Friedland said...

I definitely make the same connection with life imitating art, or visa versa. Snow on May 1--eeek! The shots are great & I so admire your goal. You inspire me!

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