Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Boulder Non-Profit There with Care needs your Votes Today!

Please help by casting a vote for this amazing Boulder non-profit, There with Care, to win a brand new Toyota vehicle to deliver food and supplies to families with children facing critical illness. Actually you need to cast TWO votes! Just click on the GO VOTE tab below!

There With Care is a finalist in Toyota's 100 Cars For Good Program. Please help us win a new, greener car so that we can deliver support to families more efficiently!

Today is Voting Day: Wednesday, Nov. 13th 10am-11:59pm Eastern Time

When you vote simply click the VOTE tab at the top and VOTE for There With Care. Simple rules:
 1) You must have a Facebook page in order to vote
 2) You must cast TWO votes, so please vote for There With Care; choose another non-profit, then press submit.

Two out of five non-profits will win a brand new car, so our chances are very good!

Please consider reaching out to your Facebook community by sharing this event, which is ONE DAY ONLY. Rally your workplace, book club, etc. Each and every vote will increase our chance of winning!

Thank you for your continued support of There With Care. With a new Care Mobile, we can help more families facing critical illness who need us now more than ever. A new hybrid vehicle would allow us to efficiently deliver more food, baby essentials, and basic necessities to our families going through a very difficult time. Thank you for being there with care.

To get more involved with There With Care, please visit or call us at 303-447-2273 (CARE).

Some favorite photos that I've taken with There with Care or that have connected me with There with Care include this beautiful photo of Amanda. I photographed beautiful Amanda in February 2009 with Flashes of Hope. This image was taken in the Bone Marrow Transplant section of the Aurora Children's Hospital. When we moved to Boulder last year, I decided I wanted to photograph more children with critical illness, because they are the most meaningful photos I take all year long and There with Care was a great fit. So when I walked into my training last February, this beautiful photo of Amanda was hanging on the wall of the Boulder There with Care office and it always means so much to me. Honored to have my photograph displayed prominently and especially of beautiful Amanda who passed away later that year.

There with Care
and a few more recent photos of There with Care kiddos:

There with Care

There with Care

There with Care

and if you still want more information about There with Care, I highly recommend this 5 minute video that details the heart of the organization!

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Beanie Brady said...

Kay, your photos are beautiful. You capture the essence of a family's love. Thank you for all that you do for There With Care and lots of other community organizations. Let's hope your next There With Care photo shoot involves you traveling there in a brand new Toyota!! XOXO

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